Lakeside Mall

Lakeside Mall Benoni, this unique and iconic regional shopping centre appeals to shoppers from all walks of life offering convenient shopping, and fantastic range. Lakeside Mall is located on the southern banks of the Civic Lake in Benoni, and incorporates a number of distinct areas with varied atmospheres. Over 130 tenants ensure a wide range of shopping and leisure options, it has the best of everything for the whole family.

Lakeside Mall has been created as a 160 metre-long riverboat, with the steamer resting at the water's edge. Inside the centre is the entertainment area - a 'townscape' with sash windows and cobbled streets, drawing inspiration from real structures in New Orleans.

Shoppers get the feeling that they are in the middle of a real town square.

The mall interior is linked with atria and light-wells, giving one a sense of space and light, and create stunning views across the lake, so that the atmosphere in the complex is one of water and open-air spaces.